Twitter Lessons Learned

Tim Stevens, executive pastor at Granger Community Church in Indiana, has a great blog called LeadingSmart.  I would recommend it to church leaders and to leaders in general..

(Also I own Tim’s Tim Stevens Leading Smart limited edition Zune.  Just thought I’d share that tidbit.)

Today Tim posted Ten Random Things I’ve Learned About Twitter.

If you are active with Twitter you should pay some attention.

Here are a three of his ten:

-          I used to only follow a few people. I learned that makes me look self-centered...like I want you to care what I have to say but I don't give a rip about what you have to say. I recently changed my approach.

-          Twitter is personal. If I know someone is having one of their "people" tweet on their behalf--I stop following them.

-          Don't be a Twachine-gun tweeter (someone who spits out 14 in a row). If it was meant for 700 characters, it would be designed that way. Keep it short.