"Play Ball"

What a great day it is. 

There is a slight chill in the air.  The breezy wind only intensifies that chill.  The skies are gray.  I’m at work. 

But despite all that Baseball season is here.  Joy has returned to Mudville.

You can hear the sounds of baseball.

Crack of the bats as the ball smacks into the sweet spot.

Baseballs snapping into leather and the little puff of dirt that explodes.

The sudden break of the lull-of-the-action when a sharply hit ball cause the forces the crowd to its feet with their gasps and ohs and ahs.

“Hey batta’ batta’.  Hey batta’ batta’.  Swing!”

You can smell the game.

The checkered outfield grass.

The fresh straight chalked foul lines.

The Big League Chew.

The potential for your favorite team to win it all.


I love opening day.

I love baseball.