NFL Week 8 Picks: Wrap Up

Houston @ Buffalo = Texans

Cleveland @ Chicago = Bears

Seattle @ Dallas = Seahawks

St. Louis @ Detroit = Rams

Minnesota @ Green Bay = Packers

San Francisco @ Indianapolis = Colts

Miami @ New York Jets = Jets

Denver @ Baltimore = Ravens

Jacksonville @ Tennessee = Titans

Oakland @ San Diego = Chargers

New York Giants @ Philadelphia = Giants

Carolina @ Arizona = Cardinals

Atlanta @ New Orleans = Saints


Last Week:  10-3

Season (as of last week):  70-33


This Week: 8-5

Season: 78-38


Thoughts from Week 8

-          Who will be the last undefeated team?  New Orleans Saints or Indianapolis Colts?  The Colts have the Titans, Patriots, Ravens and Titans next.  The Saints have the Panthers, Rams, Bucs, and Patriots.  Looking that that four game forecast I think you have to saw that the Saints will be the last undefeated team.  However I won’t dare say that Saints are going 16-0.

-          The Cleveland Browns are horrible.  And I can’t figure out why they so quickly gave up on Brady Quinn in favor of Derek Anderson, because Anderson is just plain awful.  Quinn’s quarterback rating is almost double that of Anderson’s. 

-          My Niners may have lost this weekend against the Colts, but I was really impressed with their play.  And they almost won.  I’m also feeling good about Alex Smith’s return to the starting lineup as QB.  And Crabtree in his second game was the leading receiver for SF’s WRs.

-          They are winning so I’m sure we won’t hear anything.  But I am still convinced that Brett Favre’s passing game is taking precedent over Adrian Peterson’s running game is going to be a problem at some point of Minnesota.

-          With the Rams’ victory over the Lions, the Buccaneers are the sole winless team.  Since the Bucs draft Josh Freeman last season, and their constant QB questions I’m curious if they would draft a QB with the #1 pick.  This draft may have the most QB talent since 2004 (Eli Manning, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger).  And would the Florida based Bucs consider Tim Tebow?