NFL Week 1 Picks - Wrap Up

Below were my picks from Week 1.  I got 12 out of the 16; that’s not bad. 

Here are some thoughts from week 1:

-          I had wanted to pick the 49ers because that’s my team.  But on paper they shouldn’t have won that game.  So while I wrongly predicted, I’m okay with it.   I like the look of the Singletary Niners and expect them to break .500 this year.

-          The wild cat offense was the “it” formation of last year, but in week one it was overall defended against rather well.  Especially by the Falcons in their win over the Dolphins.

-          Mark Sanchez looked crisp in his first NFL game against the Texans, I was expecting him to do well, but not that well.  There was a lot of hype about the Texans in the preseason, even some talk about them winning their division (owned by the Colts for the past several years), but with their performance on Sunday I don’t see that happening.

-          And let’s be honest.  With all the chaos in Denver this off-season, and as bad of a teams as the Bengals are, that game was a tossup. 

-          The MVP talk will revolve around Adrian Peterson, Drew Brees, Tom Brady and Philip Rivers.  (Oh wait.  It already has been).

-          The Rams are an awful team.  I expect the Lions to win more games than them this year.  And while the Lions obviously had the worst record last year, they were probably still a better team than St. Louis last year. 

-          Rumors are that the Eagles and Panthers may be going after Jeff Garcia.  McNabb is supposed to be out at least one game, Vick should be eligible soon, so I see the Panthers getting him.  And the Panthers need him.  Delhomme looked awful.

-          Six touchdowns by Drew Brees.  It was like I was watching a John Madden video game.

-          Urlacher is done for the season, and the Bears were anticipating a big year from him.  Cutler played bad.  And Matt Forte did nothing to help my fantasy team.  I know we shouldn’t make week 1 predictions, but is this still a playoff team?

-          Terrell Owens only had two catches for 46 yards, but I think his presence on the field makes the Bills a better team.  He needs to understand that.  I like that the Bills are acknowledging that. 


Titans @ Steelers = Steelers

Cowboys @ Buccaneers = Cowboys

Chiefs @ Ravens = Ravens

Vikings @ Browns = Vikings

Jets @ Texans = Texans

Broncos @ Bengals = Bengals

Jaguars @ Colts = Colts

Lions @ Saints = Saints

Dolphins @ Falcons = Dolphins

Eagles @ Panthers = Eagles

Redskins @ Giants = Giants

49ers @ Cardinals = Cardinals

Rams @ Seahawks = Seahawks

Bears @ Packers = Packers

Bill @ Patriots = Patriots

Chargers @ Raiders = Chargers


Week One Record: 12-4

Season Record: 12-4