Goals for 2011

I try to set goals for each year.  Last year I didn't because life was in the middle of the chaos that comes with moving across country.  But this 2011 I'll be making up for that lost year.
I like to set goals and not resolutions, because resolutions sound so permanent.  As if I weren't to somehow miss my resolution on day one then I would be a complete failure.  Which I'm sure makes sense to only me.
Basically I assume if I don't attempt something I'm only allowing life to come at me.  I want to pursue life.

1.  Read 45 Books.  Normally my goal has been 40 books, and I generally reach it.  So this year I thought I'd challenge myself a little more.  In a couple of days I'll outline some of the books I plan to read and/or finish.

2.  Enroll in a couple of courses at the local community college.  One course on something that just interests me. And the second I'll listen to the recommendation of some advisors.  (maybe I'll take a class and work on my Spanish.  Or they offer a cake decorating course.  They even have a blog writing class.  Any suggestions?)

3.  Watch half of all the movies on AFI's Top 100 Movies list, both lists, that I have left to watch. Only 27 more to go.

4.  Get a pet.  I'm thinking a fish.

5.  Buy a bike and ride it.

6.  Go to the doctors.  A regular check up is probably wise.  An appointment with an allergy and asthma specialist would also do me good.

7.  Get a new phone.  And, perhaps, new cell phone service.

8.  Visit a city that I have never explored before.  (Atlanta?, Baltimore?)

9.  Visit 3 MLB ballparks I have never visited.  (Atlanta? Washington? Baltimore?)

10.  Run in the White Deer Dash 5K.  (sometime in August).

11.  Send more mail than I receive.  Of course that's exaggerated, seeing how I get a ton of junk mail.  Essentially I just think I should send more letters, postcards and thank you notes.  Sub-goal: go to the post office and buy lots of stamps.

12.  Organize and minimize my closet.  I hate knowing that I own clothes that I never wear.  I got to get rid of them.  It's incredible how much crap can accumulate.

13.  No Dr Pepper.  I did this back in 2008 and am going to give it another go.  What I learned then was that if I wasn't drinking DP I didn't choose to drink any soda.  So essentially this is a no soda year.  I figure that at some point in the year, probably at the start of July, I'll narrow down my drink options to just water.

14.  Mission Trip.  I don't necessarily want to commit to a mission trip in 2011, but I do want to be making plans for another mission trip by at least 2012.  Perhaps taking students with me.  

I may have another one or two, which I will add later if I choose so.  What about you?  Do you set yearly goals?

Quote: Cary Grant

“You know I have about the same interest in jewelry as I have in politics, horse racing, modern poetry, and women who need weird excitement—none.”
Cary Grant, “To Catch a Thief”

I watched North By Northwest today.  Such a cool film.