Goals for 2011

I try to set goals for each year.  Last year I didn't because life was in the middle of the chaos that comes with moving across country.  But this 2011 I'll be making up for that lost year.
I like to set goals and not resolutions, because resolutions sound so permanent.  As if I weren't to somehow miss my resolution on day one then I would be a complete failure.  Which I'm sure makes sense to only me.
Basically I assume if I don't attempt something I'm only allowing life to come at me.  I want to pursue life.

1.  Read 45 Books.  Normally my goal has been 40 books, and I generally reach it.  So this year I thought I'd challenge myself a little more.  In a couple of days I'll outline some of the books I plan to read and/or finish.

2.  Enroll in a couple of courses at the local community college.  One course on something that just interests me. And the second I'll listen to the recommendation of some advisors.  (maybe I'll take a class and work on my Spanish.  Or they offer a cake decorating course.  They even have a blog writing class.  Any suggestions?)

3.  Watch half of all the movies on AFI's Top 100 Movies list, both lists, that I have left to watch. Only 27 more to go.

4.  Get a pet.  I'm thinking a fish.

5.  Buy a bike and ride it.

6.  Go to the doctors.  A regular check up is probably wise.  An appointment with an allergy and asthma specialist would also do me good.

7.  Get a new phone.  And, perhaps, new cell phone service.

8.  Visit a city that I have never explored before.  (Atlanta?, Baltimore?)

9.  Visit 3 MLB ballparks I have never visited.  (Atlanta? Washington? Baltimore?)

10.  Run in the White Deer Dash 5K.  (sometime in August).

11.  Send more mail than I receive.  Of course that's exaggerated, seeing how I get a ton of junk mail.  Essentially I just think I should send more letters, postcards and thank you notes.  Sub-goal: go to the post office and buy lots of stamps.

12.  Organize and minimize my closet.  I hate knowing that I own clothes that I never wear.  I got to get rid of them.  It's incredible how much crap can accumulate.

13.  No Dr Pepper.  I did this back in 2008 and am going to give it another go.  What I learned then was that if I wasn't drinking DP I didn't choose to drink any soda.  So essentially this is a no soda year.  I figure that at some point in the year, probably at the start of July, I'll narrow down my drink options to just water.

14.  Mission Trip.  I don't necessarily want to commit to a mission trip in 2011, but I do want to be making plans for another mission trip by at least 2012.  Perhaps taking students with me.  

I may have another one or two, which I will add later if I choose so.  What about you?  Do you set yearly goals?


Julie Hibbard said...

Have you explored Southern California? Been to Dodger Stadium, Angel Stadium or Petco Park?
You could do one day mission trip down to Tijuana at the same time!
I'll even rent you a bike to ride while down there...
read a book or two on the plane ride over. We can stop at the Sprint store on the way to a game. Even watch the Godfather Trilogy.
If you insist, I could get you in to see a Doctor while you're here.
And you can practice your Spanish with all the guys I work with.
Anything else?
Happy New Year TS!

PETE Di LALLO said...

New Year's Resolution?
Every 365 days you should kick your bad habits and start your life over again...that's what I think...
happy new year to you Trevor...