I believe I made the prediction before the season started that the Texas Rangers would make the playoffs this year.  But if I was honest I wasn't sure I entirely believed that; I made the prediction more out of faith and hope than head knowledge.  If I had were to have picked a team based on what my head was telling me and not my heart I thought the Rangers were going to have a good season, but fall short because the Angels or Mariners just had better seasons.
But that just never happened.  In fact Texas lead most of the season, despite some injuries and stretches of "not their best baseball". Around the All-Star game it really did look like Rangers were going to coast into the post season.  However, I have been saying that, while in full support of my team and a belief that anything can happen, more than likely the Rangers were not a World Series team.
Some days I just have trouble getting my head and heart to agree.  But I'll be rooting along with all my heart tomorrow night as the Rangers open up their series against Tampa Bay.  I will say that I don't think we have seen the Rangers playing their best baseball in the past few months, as they weren't really pressured in their division.  I'm hoping they come into the playoffs rested and full of energy.
I will also admit that this being Bobby Cox's final year in Atlanta I am rooting for them as well (but not if they face Rangers in the WS).
Here are my MLB Play-off Predictions:

Wild Card Round
Texas Rangers vs. Tampa Bay Rays = Rays (in four)
New York Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins = Yankees (in five)
Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies = Phillies (in four)
San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves = Braves (in four)

League Championship Series
Tampa Bay Rays vs. New York Yankees = Rays (in six)
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves = Phillies (in seven)

World Series
Philadelphia Phillies vs. Tampa Bay Rays = Phillies (in six)