School Takes A Lot

This is a great Target commercial.
Also I love that the hamsters are named Lewis and Clark.

Album: Burlap To Cashmere

I'm loving this album.  I've only given it a few listens but I love I already love it.
Steven Delopoulos is perhaps one of my favorite songwriters.
You can buy Burlap To Cashmere's album at their website, here.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Super excited. I thought Sam Raimi did a fairly decent job with the first Spider-Man, I loved the second, and was really disappointed in the third. I knew that Hollywood could do better. And the early peaks at The Amazing Spider-Man are looking great. I think this is going to give that other superhero a run for his money.


Greatest Pep Talk

Some days you just need a little inspiration to go out and dominate your 'to-do list'.  Here you go!

And if you've never seen Friday Night Lights, well, what's wrong with you?


"First try!"

This is perhaps one of my most favorite Calvin & Hobbes cartoons ever. I remember when it was first published and I cut it out of the paper. I bet if I look around I still have that clipping; probably faded and stuck in a book.


Grocery Shopping

Waiting time into shopping time.  Brilliant.