Snow Day Ramblings

It's snowing in North Carolina today. Actually it's been snowing quite a bit across the nation. I haven't seen snow in seven years. I think it snowed twice while I lived in So. Texas, but it had melted before I woke up.
I just woke from too long of a nap to receive a text relaying the cancelling of my church's service tomorrow. This disappoints me for two reason: (1) I'm excited about meeting people and being apart of the worship of this community, and (2) another day of hanging out with myself isn't all that appealing.
It's still another couple of days until I get my cable and internet hooked up, and until then my interaction with the outside world is largely limited to what my phone can do. Which is actually quite a bit, it's just all tiny. I don't think I'd have done well as an early American settler. That's something from my recent trip to Kenya (which I'll have more thoughts and photos on, once I resolve that internet issue previously mentioned) that I was thinking about. As we journeyed around the country I couldn't help but notice seeing all these people just hanging out sitting, or laying, on the side of the road. Many were walking to and from places, or selling goods, but often times they were just sitting. Maybe they were watching their goat flocks or waiting for a friend, i don't know.
As we drove to the airport to depart Nairobi we took a wrong turn and encountered two men sitting on somekind of concrete structure, in the middle of the night, apparently in the middle of nothing. Why were they there? What were they doing? Did they have nothing else or nowhere else they'd rather be?