Saying Goodbye

I just watched the final episode in what surely is going to be remembered as one of the best television shows ever.  Friday Night Lights was beautifully filmed, and known for telling stories that its audience could relate to; almost personally remember.  It also had a great cast and was able to do something that many high school dramas can't seem to accomplish - graduating a class and bringing in a fresh crop of great young actors; good enough to almost make you forget the previous.
Now to be fair it wasn't always a perfect show.  There were a few times the writers didn't just make a mistake, but just straight up screwed up (remember the dead body from season 2?).  Nevertheless the stories were compelling and inspiring.
And I might be stretching things just a bit, but I dare say that Eric and Tami Taylor is perhaps the greatest TV marriage we've ever seen.  I'd match them up against Rob and Laura, or Cliff and Claire, or even Ricky and Lucy.  But moving even further I'd dare say that the couple of Eric and Tami Taylor is the modern day equivalent to Atticus Finch; fair and righteous in a difficult world.
And the best part is that NBC starts the final season soon.  You'll love it.