Virtual Barber Shop

Listen with earphones.


Simple systemic solution.

Play Pump International

If I'm doing my math right, and if I found the right numbers. A single pump system cost in the neighborhood of $15,000.
$15,000 for revolutionary answers to numerous societal issues.

Simply brilliant.


Just a quick update on my New Year's Resolutions.

#1 Dr. Pepper Fast
Doing great. While I've substituted my cola beverages for tea and vitamin water, I'm still making progress towards just pure H2O. I haven't slipped up once, despite the Deuce's attempts tempt with with such beverages.

#2 Memorize Colossians
Still working. Can't check this off yet.

#3 Read 40 books
Doing well. I'll give a separate update on this in a week or two once I've finished a couple more books.

#4 Map out TV show idea and make a TV contact
I did meet someone in the TV business, and while it may not be my way in, it should help provide future networking opportunities. Still to finish mapping out characters.

#5 See doctor and get asthma under control
Not yet. However I did see an ophthalmologist and got a new prescription for my glasses, purchased new glasses as well as got contacts for the first time in my 29 years.

#6 Organize and Minimize Closet
This one also included me purchasing my first suit ever. I'm not really a suit guy and have avoided purchasing one. However as the big 3-Oh looms over me this year, I've decided that growing up and moving on must me part of my M-O.
So tonight I premiere my pimp suit - - ladies.

So there you go. I'm making progress and haven't bailed on any yet. Not bad for my first real resolutions ever.


So I thought I'd let everyone know that in T-minus 4 hours I will be at my sister's, Chelsy, wedding.
Last night at the rehearsal she and Mickey (Micheal her real soon to be husband) showed a slide show to the Bebo Norman song "A Page Is Turned". I'll post it along with some possible photos in the near future.