Just a quick update on my New Year's Resolutions.

#1 Dr. Pepper Fast
Doing great. While I've substituted my cola beverages for tea and vitamin water, I'm still making progress towards just pure H2O. I haven't slipped up once, despite the Deuce's attempts tempt with with such beverages.

#2 Memorize Colossians
Still working. Can't check this off yet.

#3 Read 40 books
Doing well. I'll give a separate update on this in a week or two once I've finished a couple more books.

#4 Map out TV show idea and make a TV contact
I did meet someone in the TV business, and while it may not be my way in, it should help provide future networking opportunities. Still to finish mapping out characters.

#5 See doctor and get asthma under control
Not yet. However I did see an ophthalmologist and got a new prescription for my glasses, purchased new glasses as well as got contacts for the first time in my 29 years.

#6 Organize and Minimize Closet
This one also included me purchasing my first suit ever. I'm not really a suit guy and have avoided purchasing one. However as the big 3-Oh looms over me this year, I've decided that growing up and moving on must me part of my M-O.
So tonight I premiere my pimp suit - - ladies.

So there you go. I'm making progress and haven't bailed on any yet. Not bad for my first real resolutions ever.


Shayla said...

You did look quite dapper in your suit Trevor. You should've bought one ages ago.

Julie Hibbard said...

Can we see pictures??
When is the big 3-0? How fun!
I promise you...it gets better every year!