Quote: B.J. Novak

In my opinion, there are two types of perfect. The first is the type that seems so obvious and intuitive to you and everyone else that in a perfect world it would simply be considered standard; but, in reality, in our flawed world, what should be considered standard is actually so rare that it has to be elevated to the level of "perfect." This is the type of perfect that makes you and most other people think, "Why isn't everything like this? Why is it so hard to find . . . " a black V-neck cotton sweater, or a casual non-chain restaurant with comfortable booths, etc. -- "that is just exactly the way everyone knows something like this should be?" "Perfect," we all say with relief when we finally find something like this that is exactly as it should be. "Perfect. Why was this so hard to find?"
The other type of perfect is the type you never could have expected and then could never replicate.

- from the short story entitled "Sophia" by B.J. Novak, in his book entitled One More Thing: Stories And Other Stories

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It's weird when you agree with a character in a book who just received his order for a sex doll.

Quote: Dietrich Bonhoeffer

"Confession in the presence of another believer is the most profound kind of humiliation. It hurts. It makes one feel small. It deals a terrible blow to one's pride. To stand there before another Christian as a sinner is an almost unbearable disgrace. But by confessing actual sins, the old self dies a painful, humiliating death..."

Dietrich Bonhoeffer