Hawkings: Beware Visiting Aliens

Thank goodness for theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking.
Maybe you have lived in a box your whole life and have never heard of Hawking; allow me to briefly catch you up.  Hawking is known for his leading thinking in the areas of cosmology, quantum gravity and black holes.  Also he wrote the amazingly best selling book A Brief History of Time.  Hawking also has  a neuro-muscular dystrophy that has left him practically paralyzed, leaving him in a wheelchair smarter than my car. 
He is a smart man who has contributed lots of thinking about big ideas using big words.  
But he has saved his biggest thinking for us today.  
Are you ready for this? 
Buckle up, because this theoretical thinking may crash your brain.
Don't follow the link, I'm summarize the story for you: Hawking suggest that if aliens were to visit earth, they wouldn't be friendly little ET characters, but more likely they would be hostile towards humans. Essentially he predicts that a smarter race coming to Earth and be like Columbus to Native Americans.  
How much do theoretical physicist make.  Because if that is news worthy thinking, I can sit around and think that kind crap up.  Or better yet I can watch Sci-Fi movies, from as long as Sci-Fi movies have been made, and let Hollywood do the thinking for me.  
I made a quick list of movies which will lead to my Stephen-Hawking-sized-theoretical-idea:
- Mars Attacks
- Invasion of the Body Snatchers
- Starship Troopers
- The Thing
- Predator/Predators/AVP/AVP 2
- Alien/Aliens/Alien 3/Alien Resurrection (althought these aliens didn't visit Earth per se)
- Independence Day
- The Arrival
- V
- Signs
- The Astronaut's Wife
- Fire in the Sky
- Men In Black/Men In Black 2
- Taken
- X-Files
- The Day The Earth Stood Still
- War of the Worlds
- Stargate
- Species
- The Blob
- Star Trek: First Contact
- Earth Girls are Easy
- Howard the Duck
- Cloverfield
- District 9
- Santa Claus Conquers the Martians
- Transformers

If being a theoretical physicist was this easy I would have been one years ago.