John Adams

I just finished the HBO mini-series John Adams. This is an incredible movie, and I have to recommend it to you.
Paul Giamatti and Laura Linney both have amazing preformances as John and Abigail Adams. And the set designs and production work recreated colonial America as best as I could imagine it. The portrayals of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and others wer nothing to ignore either.
I would venture to say that there will be many aspects of the characters that you are able to relate to and revile. Here is one quote of John Adams in the movie that I could relate to:
"My thoughts are so clear to me... each one takes perfect shape within my mind. But when I speak, when I offer them to others, they seem to lose all definition."
It seems that I am one of the view to have not read a David McCullough book. However this shall shortly be remedied as I have borrowed his biography on Truman from a friend.