My Girl Friday (#1)

I've been thinking for some time that I should probably start putting pen to paper on some thoughts that I don't tend to share much.  But just the thought of actually scribbling something out is cramping my writing hand, so let's just type it up on this here blog.  A lot of times these thoughts just end up floating around in the primordial soup that is my mind and never solidify themselves.  (In fact I'm thinking that I need to establish several blogging thought lines and this might be a good first start.)
I'm going to call these "My Girl Friday" because I'll publish them only on Fridays and because His Girl Friday is a fun movie, which is free to watch at Hulu.
I usually don't share my 'single-and-looking' thinking because I don't want to be one of those obnoxious guys who seem to only think and talk and whine and complain and muse about their singleness.  I loathe the fact that I'll be that guy just on Fridays.  There have been a few of those people in my life and when they begin down this path I generally find an excuse to leave the room.  (And if you find an excuse to not read along with, I'm okay with that.)
Honestly though I necessarily don't mind being single, it affords me many things.  I can decide last minute to not fly to my brother's wedding, but drive cross country and catch a couple of baseball games along the way.  I go to movies when I want, and the movies I want.  I can work late without disappointing anyone.  And so many other scenarios; things that I think Paul would agree with when he wrote about it being better not to marry.
However, while I'm still rocking the single life at age 31, if you would have told me as a child, as a teenager, as a college student, in my twenties that I would be single at this age I would have thought that was nuts.  Maybe it's the wedding season, and the numerous friends getting married this year that is spurring some of this, but truth be told I really do want to be married someday.  I don't think I was meant for singleness.
Let me wrap this post up.
I don't know exactly how this will all look, but we'll figure it out.  Let me know if it get's annoying.


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