Can I Do That?

It’s no question that I’m not cool.
Therefore it wouldn’t be prudent of me to question Jay-Z on…well much of anything.
I mean the guy is a phenomenal rap star, although I couldn’t tell you about one of his songs (I could recognize him if I heard him, but generally don’t care about his art).
The guy is married to the beautiful and talented Beyonce. (Although I don’t really like any of her songs. And I’m not really attracted to her; I think because I don’t like any of her music.)
The dude owns his own clothing line.
He has his hands and money in the careers of many musicians.
He is a part owner of a NBA team.
And I assume a dozen other things I’m not aware of.

While I, like any man, enjoys lounging on the couch with a bag of potato chip, a tv remote in one hand, and my other tucked in my pants (don’t ask it’s a man thing, I can’t explain it nor would I break the “man-code” to do so), but…

When did it become okay to walk around like this?

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