"You are so beautiful to me..."

Bottom: Brittany Ashton Holmes & Bug Hall

Not entirely sure why, but these two photos make me really happy.  I love the movie The Little Rascals, and quote it at least once a day.  

"We are he-man woman haters / We feed girls to alligators / Our clubhouse burned down mighty low / But we're got a plan to make some dough!" 
"Quick, what's the number for 9-1-1?"
"Hey, my mom's here." "Whoopi!" 
"We've got a dollar.  We've got a dollar.  We've got a dollar.  Hey, hey, hey, hey."
"Finders keepers.  Losers suck."
"I have two pickles.  I have two pickles.  I have two pickles today.  Hey, hey."

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