Book Review (Guest Reviewer)

I receive books time to time from a publishing company, with the stipulation that I read them and post a review here. Well I think it's cool to pass these around and allow others to read them and offer a guest review.
This review comes courtesy of Rhonda.
Rhonda recently returned to San Antonio and began attending a my church and the small group I attend. She is passionate about being a redeemer in regards to the rampent enslavement of women in the global sex trade.
This book was timely for her. Here's her review:

You must be emotionally prepared to take in the depth of truth in The Road of Lost Innocence by Somaly Mam. Although Mam is not a trained speaker or author, as she admits in the book, her transparency will pierce your heart and will change your life forever.
Because of Mam's heart and passion for those sold into sexual slavery in Cambodia and surrounding areas, you can easily forgive her lack of eloquence in describing the the horrible condition the Cambodians find themselves in.
I have found through my work with Hope for the Sex Trafficked, stopsextrafficking.com, that the majority of people are completely ignorant as to what really occurs in the darkness of the night in brothels and in the world of sex trafficking. This book reveals the painful truth of what a prostitute really is, of what a man is capable of doing to a child and that each individual can give hope if they just try.
If you are willing to hear Mam's graphic story, be prepared for your stereotypical views to be shattered. Be prepared for her frankness, the nightmare that she lived, and the hope she shares today to turn you around and cause you to see man in a very different light.

Oh if you are interested in Rhonda's work, click here: Hope for the Sex Trafficked

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