NFL Picks

These are El Guapo's (the new roommate) and my NFL picks for tomorrow. All the games in RED are the ones we don't agree on and will determine who was the more savy NFL picker of the week.

Tampa Bay at Dallas
Trevor: Dallas
El Guapo: Tampa Bay
Buffalo at Miami
Trevor: Buffalo
El Guapo: Buffalo
St. Louis at New England
Trevor: New England
El Guapo:New England
San Diego at New Orleans
Trevor: New Orleans
El Guapo: San Diego
Kansas City at NY Jets
Trevor: NY Jets
El Guapo: NY Jets
Atlanta at Philadelphia
Trevor: Atlanta
El Guapo: Philadelphia

Oakland at Baltimore
Trevor: Baltimore
El Guapo: Baltimore

Arizona at Carolina
Trevor: Carolina
El Guapo: Carolina

Cleveland at Jacksonville
Trevor: Jacksonville
El Guapo: Jacksonville

Cincinnati at Houston
Trevor: Houston
El Guapo: Houston

NY Giants at Pittsburgh
Trevor: Pittsburgh
El Guapo: Pittsburgh

Seattle at San Francisco
Trevor: San Francisco
El Guapo: Seattle

the Monday Night game

Indianapolis at Tennessee
Trevor: Tennessee
El Guapo: Tennessee

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