Contest: Ressurection Letters

I received in the mail today two copies of Andrew Peterson's latest album, Ressurection Letters Vol. II.
Read a review HERE.
You can buy it HERE.
You can listen to it HERE.
But if you would like a free copy (I bought one and got on free) I will give you my extra copy.
All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me what you favorite Andrew Peterson song is and why.
Me and a undisclosed friend will judge your submissions. The winner receives the disc. It's that easy!
So far only one person has responded to this contest. Don't wait. The deadline will be Monday!


Taylor said...

did you really give it away already? i got your tweet about the contest, then never made it to the blog... :(

Taylor said...

well, my favorite Andrew Peterson song is "Just As I Am". it is a simple song that reminds us of one of the most important truths we often need to be reminded of- God loves us for who we are, even though we will never be good enough to deserve it. he loved us before we loved him, and ever since, and even though our own love sometimes falters, his will never change.

i love the metaphor at the beginning and end of our hearts being broken, planted, blooming, and then Jesus harvesting the fruit. its a beautiful picture.

i also just love the sound of the music and his voice and the way you can tell he believes in what he is singing.