a great ending

Recently I was thinking about great movie endings. Not necessarily surprise endings, but just classic endings. Here was my list in no particular order...
- Memento
- The Empire Strikes Back
- Citizen Kane
- the original Night of the Living Dead
- Dr. Strangelove
- Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
- The Karate Kid
- Se7en
- The Devil's Advocate
- Sixth Sense
- American History X
- Dead Poets Society
- The Great White Hope (from 1996 always makes me laugh)
- Arlington Road (some of the most tense moments in movies)
- Raiders of the Lost Ark (storing the ark in the warehouse)
- Cast Away (which direction did he choose?)
- Primal Fear (Ed Norton was brilliant!)
- Hero
- Rudy and Rocky (classic underdog...neither "succeed" but both triumph)
- Field of Dreams (he built it, he came, they came...)
- The Natural (baseball is not just a game)
- Glory
- The 40 Year-Old Virgin (singing Age of Aquarius)
- Once (i hated it, but loved it, the right ending)

I sure there are probably hundreds more, what you add to the list?


Julie Hibbard said...

The Usual Suspects...I think it's among the best ever. Primal Fear is amazing too...you just don't see that coming! Gotta say "It's a Wonderful Life" too...
Love these lists!

Alli Hibb said...

Lucky Number Slevin
Never Been Kissed
Donnie Darko
Ocean's Eleven (by the fountain)
Sleepless in Seattle ("Shall we?")

TS Harrison said...

Good additions. I thought of a few more...

Whale Rider
Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind
2001: A Space Odyssey
Some Like It Hot
One Flew The Cuckoo’s Nest
Little Miss Sunshine
Departed, The

TS Harrison said...

Oh oh oh and...
No Country for Old Men
Roman Holiday
Crash (mainly because how it stuck in my mind for days)
Hunt for Red October
Shaun of the Dead

Anonymous said...

I'm going to have to add Atonement to that list. Somewhat typical...but I did not see it coming. And There Will Be Blood.