This Sucks

So I drive a small affordable Kia Sportage. Four doors, decent gas mileage. It's not my dream vehicle (I love the Honda Elements...I know...practical), but it works. A couple of years ago I was involved in a small fender bender, where the other car gained a few scratches while I had my bumper ripped off by his rear license plate.
A repair shop was able to replace it and make it look all new. Yeah.
Then tonight I was driving home, or rather from work to my community group when suddenly there was some very strong vibrations from the car. Because of construction I could not immediately pull over so I began coasting to the next exit. Right before I reached the exit, BOOM, slappity, slappity, slap slap. I applied the brakes and came to a halt right as the mouth of the exit ramp. A couple deep breaths to calm myself down only made me painfully aware of the exploded rubber smell below my driver side window. I carefully hopped out and here is what I saw.The tread on my tires had come apart and began slapping around my wheel well like a crack head woman.
I carefully changed my tire by leaning over the front hood, cars zooming past narrowly avoiding me.
This weeks been kind of crappy and this is a great way to cap it off, except that there is still Friday and Saturday to go. Lord help me.


Courtney said...

Booo, I'm sorry you've had a crappy week, and I am glad you are safe.

Julie Hibbard said...

Wow! That looks like it could have been a whole lot worse! I am, as usual, impressed with you. Changing a tire on a busy highway is no easy feat.
Glad you are ok.
Here's to Honda Elements!