NFL Picks...Week 3

Detroit at Philadelphia
Donavan looks horrible, and that’s not a racial statement. Blame it on mechanics or whatever you want, but he’s throwing pass that are no where near the intended receivers. While Detroit lacks a strong running game, Philadelphia lacks healthy players. My Pick: Detroit

Miami at New York Jets
Seriously flip a coin. However since Miami has lost both of the games to teams from the weaker NFC…My Pick: New York Jets

Minnesota at Kansas City
I’m tempted to pick Kansas City because surely at some point they have to win a game, but I believe in Minnesota’s defense and their strong running game. My Pick: Minnesota

San Francisco at Pittsburgh
I regret not picking San Fran to win last season, because it breaks my heart to not pick them for a second straight week. However their much improved defense (now lacking Manny Lawson due to injury) can’t bail out the struggling offense for too long. And Pittsburgh doing it on both sides of the ball. My Pick: Pittsburgh

Indianapolis at Houston
I’m still not sold on Schaub, but I am sure about one thing: Schaub ain’t no Manning. My Pick: Indianapolis.

Arizona at Baltimore
Both teams are lacking in offense, however despite the impressive showing I saw of Arizona’s defense against SF, Baltimore’s D is legendary. My Pick: Baltimore

St. Louis at Tampa
I have to believe that St. Louis will get things on track. And can Tampa Bay possibly have anymore injuries? My Pick: St. Louis

Buffalo at New England
Can anyone/anything stop New England? My Pick: New England

San Diego at Green Bay
San Diego looked terrible last week, and while I never have had faith in Norv Turner as a head coah, surely he can motivate the team to stop Green Bay this week. Green Bay has been trying to pull off a Cinderella season, but should fall short this week. My Pick: San Diego

Cleveland at Oakland
Cleveland was an offensive machine last week, and while they shouldn't put up that many points against the Oakland defence they might out score them. My Pick: Cleveland

Cincinnati at Seattle
Cincinnati needs a big win. They will never be force they are trying so hard to be with losses to Cleveland. And I’m thinking this is a transitional year for Seattle. Look for Cincy to jump off to a quickly lead. My Pick: Cincinnati

Jacksonville at Denver
Jacksonville has too many questions to answer and Denver just needs to prove itself. My Pick: Denver

Carolina at Atlanta
Seriously with Pennington at the helm they could go 0-16. My Pick: Carolina

New York at Washington
Washington looked impressive last week and are showing some true signs of progression. While the talent filled Giants continue to be blah. My Pick: Washington and the firing of Coughlin

Dallas at Chicago
Dallas has yet to play a true playoff contending team and there is no way that Romo will continue to throw the football like he did against the two previous teams. And Grossman is due to have a good week on his roller coaster of a career. My Pick: Chicago


Tennessee at New Orleans
Tennessee has continued to surprise me and New Orleans has continued to disappoint so you would think I would learn and pick the Titans but noooo….. My Pick: New Orleans
Last week: 8-8
Season: 18-13

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TS Harrison said...

What a horrible week. I went 6-10. That brings my season record to 24-23. Still over 50% so that's something.