My beautiful and talented sister is engaged. I think she's told everyone but me. I think I'm hurt, but I also understand why she wouldn't have told me yet. She knows what I would say.
While I would want to support her, the circumstances of her engagement don't allow me to. Before I come across as a mean, insensitive, jealous (of whatever adjective I'm sure to hear) let me explain.

1. First as of the moment before I heard she was engaged, I didn't even know she was dating someone.
2. I've never met the person she is engaged to.
3. The person she is engaged to, she has adamantly told her family that they were just friends.
4. The person she is engaged to is re-enlisting and is moving east, so she would leave school early with only one semester to go.
5. She is insisting the wedding be this December.
6. If he re-ups he would surely go back overseas, which I wish on nobody during the first year of marriage. I've never been married and I can understand why that would be difficult.
7. She still has not told me.

I love my sister and I don't mind playing the role of big bad brother in her life. I want to see her have the best opportunity for a happy, successful, God-honoring marriage and I don't feel like this is how you prepare for that.

Sure her fiance may be a great guy and maybe the right man for her, but how would I know and why the rush and immediacy?

I don't know, maybe I'm wrong.

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Julie Hibbard said...

These aren't red flags they are giant RED blankets!!!
Help her...stop her! There is no hurry...none! You must meet the man. All of her family should meet the man. She must be madly in love with him as well as being friends.
Hmmm...please call her.