NFL Picks...Week 7

I just arrived home from church and before I turn on the TV I remembered I hadn't posted my picks. Here they are:
  • Baltimore at Buffalo: I'm going to pick Buffalo at home
  • Atlanta at New Orleans: New Orleans should get their first victory
  • Arizona at Washington: Washington has continued to impress me
  • San Fransico at New York Giants: I have to pick the Giants at home
  • New England at Miami: New England, who can stop them?
  • Tennessee at Houston: Houston, because I don't know if Young will play
  • Tampa Bay at Detroit: Detroit has to win at home in order to win 10 games
  • Kansas City at Oakland: Kansas City gets their running game going
  • New York Jets at Cincinnati: Cincinnati should get a restart with this game
  • Chicago at Philadelphia: Hard not to pick Philly at home, so I won't
  • St. Louis at Seattle: For some reason I want to go with St. Louis, but I'll say Seattle at home
  • Minnesota at Dallas: Dallas rebounds from last week
  • Pittsburgh at Denver: I like Pittsburgh
  • Indianapolis at Jacksonville: Indianapolis, Manning trives in the spotlight

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