NFL Picks...Week 5

I'm sorry that my midweek posting is down. Of course I don't think anyone reads this so I'm apologizing to no one.

Anyways here are my week 5 picks and then I need to go manage my fantasy teams.

Cleveland at New England = New England, they'll go 16-0
New York at New York = New York, Jets that is
Jacksonville at Kansas City = Kansas City, because you have to pick one
Atlanta at Tennessee = Tennessee, cause Harington is hard to bet on
Seattle at Pittsburgh = Pittsburgh, I don't know why
Carolina at New Orleans = New Orleans has to win sometime
Arizona at St. Louis = Arizona, the 2 QB systems works
Detroit at Washington = Washington, they look good
Miami at Houston = Houston, Schaub's winning me over
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis = Indy because they are at home
Baltimore at San Fransico = San Fran, cause their my team and their at home
San Diego at Denver = Denver because their at home
Chicago at Green Bay = Chicago, Lambeau's not cold yet
Dallas at Buffalo = really I think Dallas will win, but because I hate them so much I'm picking Buffalo

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