Why I Don't Sing New Songs

It's not that I don't sing any new songs, rather it's just that I don't sing songs the first time I hear them. Surely your been somewhere where you have sung or a friend has been singing along to a new song...a church, a concert, listening to a brand new CD.
Many moons ago I was at a small music festival and Geoff Moore and the Distance was playing, yes I said Geoff Moore and the Distance, and it was awesome! The band was gearing up to release their brand new album entitled Homerun. The boys decided to debut for us two new songs. The first song was "Best Days". I can remember clearly the response of the crowd. We quickly picked up the theme and message of the song and before the song reached the end of it's chorus we were singing along.
After the song was over Geoff stood flabbergast and said something to the effect of "I've never had an audience sing along to a song they didn't know. That's incredible."
That moment has stuck with me. While I've been guilty of this since that moment it has certainly been a while. I find that it typically happens during worship songs. The audience wanting so much to be in the experience will chime along to lyrics they don't know. Plus they feel that because the words are in front of them on powerpoint or whatever that they can follow.
It's incredibly embarrassing when the song changes tempos or has an awkward pause and the crowd keeps singing anyways for a beat or two. Everyone turns and looks silently judging the persons mistake.
So I make it a point never to sing a song I've never heard before. Even if it's obvious chorus or melody that I know I can follow.

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