Mental Floss Questions

Asked at Mental Floss so I thought I'd answer.

1) If you could have written any movie in history – or, more accurately, if you could tell people that you’d written any movie in history – what would it be?

I suppose I might say Clerks, but not as perverse. Kevin Smith has a knack at writing dialogue that doesn't seem forced or unnatural, yet within it's absurdness there can be some depth and insight. So instead of Clerks I'll say Dogma.

2) What’s a food you’d fake a fainting spell to avoid having to eat?

Mushrooms and Olives.

3) What historical figure (pre-1900) would have made the best mental_floss blogger?

Benjamin Franklin

4) With what character – book, film, stage or television – do you most relate?

A little bit of Jerry, Elaine, George and Kramer.

5) Coin a new phrase that means “I’m having a good time at this party.”

"It's falling off the bone!"

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