New Home Run King!

He did it! 756. A solo shot toward right field. Awesome!
I hope you saw it.

With the crowd chanting "Barry! Barry!" Barry dug in and took the 2-2 pitch from Mike Bacsik deep. He knew it immediately. I guess everyone did. You could feel it as he first stepped in teh box.

The Giants honored Barry with a tapped message on the scoreboard from Hank Aaron. And then allowed Barry a moment to say thank you. Bonds thanked his family, the fans, the Nationals, and struggled to thank his father.

You have to respect the fact that the two previous at bats and the record breaking at bat, Bacisk didn't pitch around Barry but challenged him. He didn't offer up a batting practice pitch, but only threw the hittable pitch when the count dictated it. As Barry rounded the bases Bacsik even tipped his hat to Barry.

Wow. I so glad I didn't miss this. History in the making. Forget for a moment all the controversy and dwell in the amazement that he actually hit 756 homers. I challenge you to take batting practice and see how long it would take you to hit 756 home runs. Brillant.

Still in awe! I saw Barry hit 70, 71 and 72 in that single season and now I actually saw this too.

It looks like a Mets fan caught the ball. The police mobbed him out of the stadium.

Awesome, awesome, awesome!

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