I was daydreaming today about how I'm so glad that I do not live in a world with comic book superheroes. So I decided to make a list of why.
  1. There are no superheroes in San Antonio, which means just like with MLB baseball I'd be living in a city without all the perks. Also I don't know of any superheroes who live in Texas.
  2. It seems that those who live in the same cities as superheroes live with the constant threat of danger and death. And not the normal threats that you and I live with, but threats of nuclear warheads on a direct path to the vicinity of where you live and you have no time to escape or falling or broken building pieces from the flying battle royal between a hero and villain.
  3. Also think about the car insurance. Cars are always being destroyed by superheroes as they save the day. So much so that it's probably not even worth owning a car.
  4. It's bad enough living in a world with John Cusak, Tom Brady and the Brawny towel guy (gentlemen that the ladies think are so handsome), but throw in superhero dudes and myself esteem plummets to devastating levels.
  5. If we had superheroes walking around in tights and capes it would probably be the expected fashion. I just think a cape would become burdensome throughout the day and that tights would be way to constricting.

Well that was some quick daydreaming I had so it's not a long list. Feel free to add to it.

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