I haven’t seen the movie, I plan to wait until it’s out on DVD, but Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is getting the reviews I expected. 

And this review by James Rocchi at MSN is brutal

So much so that when an acquaintance from work said that there was a standing ovation at the end of the midnight showing I could only feel embarrassed for her.  And who gives a standing ovation at a movie?  Who are you applauding?  They can’t hear you.


Here are a few lines from James Rocchi’s review that stood out to me:


·         "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen" is not as bad as "Transformers"; somehow, in the face of long odds, it is actually worse.

·         And, to deal with the token objections of the film's defenders, I have an inner child; he's just not an inner idiot. And if how much money something made had any correlation to how good it actually is, doctors would recommend you get more cocaine instead of more leafy greens.

·         If Bay wanted to make a big, epic science-fiction battle, he failed by adapting a toy and television series made for kids; if he wanted to make a family-friendly adventure, he failed by larding it with violence and sex and smutty "humor" and dog-humping sight gags.

·         The worst thing is that ticket-buying masses will shower stupid spectacle with success one more time because they don't want, need or expect anything better from big Hollywood.


My only objection is that last line.  I do want and expect better.  I know I won’t get it with this film.  Gonna’ stay home and watch a ball game instead.

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