When Does Creativity Cross the Line?

A North Carolina State student was arrested this month for creating a "monster" out of construction cones.
It's actually really clever and creative and I probably would have, had I been driving done the road he displayed his creation, given the construction zone more respect and caution.
So why an arrest over the creative output?
Well he did steal the construction barrels.
I love creativity. I believe it is a God-inherited quality.
But when does creativity cross the line?
Specifically in our churches when does creativity cross the line?
I ask myself this question because ask much as I'd like to be creative I'd give up creativity for clarity.
I want to be known more for clear presentations of Christ, more than creative ones.
I'd rather be known more for my passion for Christ than for my creativity.
But somedays creativity for the sake of creativity...well...that's just plain fun.

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