WrestleMania 25 Diary

I read this diary of the WrestleMania 25 weekend on the MSN site this morning and thought it was hilarious.  While I haven’t seriously watched wrestling since I was in middle school I won’t lie and say I haven’t on occasion sat in front of the TV and been consumed by the soap-operatic drama. 

Well that’s not true.  In college, because we were not allowed TVs in our dorm rooms and our lobbies didn’t have cable, I was able to use wrestling as an excuse to hang out at this very cute girls place.  She was a student at the state school in our town and I knew her through a guy who lived on the same floor as me.  He had a crush on her too, that is until he met the girl who would become his wife, so she was .  She would sit at her desk and do her homework and occasionally ask questions about wrestling.  I would answer her questions and watch a little wrestling and watch her study, all the while trying to build by courage up to ask her out.  She played tennis for her school too.  Don’t know why I mention that, but did I met that she was cute.  I can’t remember her name.  But I’m sure it was something melodic.  Oh yeah she also very talented on the piano.  I remember sitting and listening to her practice her pieces for me and attending a couple of her recitals.  Apparently I spent a decent amount of time with her, you think I would remember her name.  But I do remember she was very cute.  My friend, who I knew her through, wrote this song about her that was incredible, you should visit his site and buy some of his music. 

Wow.  Talk a tangent.  What was this post about?  Oh yeah, WrestleMania.

I saw Shawn Michaels, The Heartbreak Kid, at a Red Robin here in San Antonio once.  He looks bigger on TV.  He was with, I presume, his wife and two young daughters.  I had heard that he lived here in San Antonio and I think he attends Cornerstone Church (John Hagee), but I don’t know that for certain.  I was with the Deuce at the time and we were both suddenly 13 again.  As the Deuce and I left we joked about how we should just go off and put him in a choke hold and attempt the figure-four leg lock.  But somehow we were able to access the mature side of ourselves and avoid from running up to him and asking for his autograph and posing with him.  But I won’t lie, if I ever see him again without his wife and kids you better believe I’m doing just that. 

So back to this article.  It had some great lines.  Here are a few:

-          2 p.m.: I check into my hotel. Reliant Stadium, the site of WrestleMania 25, is right outside of my window. I am in the belly of the beast.

-          12:30-2 a.m.: Never try to outdrink two Irish wrestling fans that have just flown across the Atlantic to see their first WrestleMania. It's a lesson I learned the hard way.

-          5:45 p.m.: I meet a group of folks from Syracuse as I enter the Toyota Arena for the hall of fame ceremony. One says to me, "You know, people say wrestling is fake. My response is to ask them what their favorite show is. They say something like 'Seinfeld.' I say, 'You think that's real?'"

-          6-10 p.m.: -- Brothers Jeff and Matt Hardy throw their bodies around in an aerial-centric match that sees the [spoiler] brother [spoiler] defeats [spoiler] in a surprise finish (one that features the former smashing the latter in-between a steel chair, hardly brotherly).

At one point in the article he refers to the tag team duo The Colon brothers and uses the words double bummer in the next sentence.  Am I the only one who saw that and thought it was funny.

I makes me want to watch some wrestling.

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