MLB 2009: Opening Day Wrap Up

-          I’m wrapping up my 2009 MLB predictions and should have them up soon.  I’m not sure why I’m taking so long.  I read a lot and then just make guesses.   While there are some front runners I’m stoked about the number of teams that seem to be able to contend.  There are few teams that seem to obvious contenders (i.e. Red Sox, Cubs, Angels, Rays, etc.), some teams that should be competitive (i.e. Yankees, Mets, Dodgers, etc.), some teams that won’t necessarily be a surprise if they have an exception season (i.e. my Rangers, A’s, Royals, Braves, etc.) and then some teams that are certain to be horrible (i.e. Mariners, Padres, etc.).

-          Emilio Bonifacio hit the first Opening Day in-the-park home run since Carl Yastrzemski, in 1968.  When asked about the feat Emilio respond by saying he never heard of who the Yaz was.  What?    Sure Yastrzemski retired two years before Emilio was born, but that is just no excuse.

-          Two players on the Arizona Diamondbacks, Felipe Lopez and Tony Clark, each hit two home runs, from both sides of the play.

-          Ken Griffey Jr. hit his 8th Opening Day home run tying Frank Robinson for the most. 

-          My Rangers won. 

-          My Astros lost.

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