The Whole Encillada

Why do people say the phrase “the whole enchilada”? 

I get that a enchilada has lots of parts, but what does that phrase even mean? 

And why did the enchilada get chosen for this phrase? 

Why not the burrito? 

“The whole burrito!”

Sure it sounds funny when you say it, but no more so than enchilada.

Why not the taco?

Or the whole double-decker taco?


And now that I think about it, isn’t there a phrase that goes “the whole kit and caboodle”.  

What’s that?  And what’s a caboodle?

Is that the American version of “the whole enchilada”?


In German: the whole bratwurst

In Italy: the whole pizza pie

In China: the whole General Tao’s Chicken


These are my afternoon thoughts.  Sorry.

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