Semi-Political Thoughts #2: President Obama

But First A Note:  I have been hesitant to post too many thoughts on this blog about the current political process our nation is involved in.  However the campaigns do affect us in so many ways, that to not include the rambling thoughts that I have would be a failure to this blog.  I also want to make note that I have no intention of swaying your vote, which is why I waited all the way until Election Day to post these thoughts. 

  • Congratulations to President Elect Obama!  My prayer is that the Church will be praying for you not against you.  
  • Congratulations to Senator John McCain as well.  Thankfully we can assume that you will continue to an active member of Congress more interested in achieving results than sticking to party lines.  Keep on you Maverick!
  • Congratulations to Vice President Elect Joe Biden.  Your experience will be invaluable to our future president and this nation.
  • Congratulations to Gov. Sarah Palin.  You were definitely a surprise in this election and I doubt this is the last time we hear of you.  Thanks for giving Tina Fey a reason to return to SNL.
  • Politics aside, aren't you excited to see our nation elect our first black president?
  • Maybe now that the election is over maybe people can move beyond their fears and begin to believe in the possibilities and potential of our nation.

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racheld said...

blah..blah...blah...who did you vote for?