Election Eve

It's the night before the election.  
And to be incredibly honest I feel very at ease with it all. 
Despite all the last minute politics, the news channels 24 coverage, the blog entries and everything else all trying to sway votes one way of the other I feel very confident.
Not necessarily confident in a better America because one man is elected over the other.  But confident in a big God, with a big plan, and big power to see it accomplished.  
This isn't to say that I don't care who gets elected, I have my opinions.  Nor is this to say that I am not interested, in fact I'm very interested (especially in the marketing of a candidate). 
It's just that at this moment tonight, I find myself able to trust in God more.
And this is where I want to find myself for quite a while.  
So why is it that I slip and slide from this place so easily? 
God, give me faith to trust.  May you be my constant source of peace.  

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