Semi-Political Thoughts #1

But First A Note:  I have been hesitant to post too many thoughts on this blog about the current political process our nation is involved in.  However the campaigns do affect us in so many ways, that to not include the rambling thoughts that I have would be a failure to this blog.  I also want to make note that I have no intention of swaying your vote, which is why I waited all the way until Election Day to post these thoughts.


-          Listening to sports radio this morning…which is of course where I get all my important life news and information…I mean honestly if you can’t trust a sports enthusiast who can you trust?  Anyways.  Listening to sports radio this morning I heard a couple of interviews where the guest went on about how inspiring Barak Obama was to them.  However, they failed to mention any policies or ideals of the candidate that they felt inspired by.  Anyone who has heard Obama speak would agree that his rhetoric is inspiritation.  But it would incorrect to just follow inspiration.  (Be careful not to read to much into this next sentence).  Nazi Germany followed a very inspirational Adolf Hitler, to which we fault them. 

I say all this to one thing.  While a leader should be inspirational, inspiration alone does not qualify one for leadership.  Do not tell me how inspirational someone is without being able to clearly and correctly state their agendas. 

-          Somewhere on the same point: Neither does being a war hero alone make a man a leader. 

-          But both, inspirational rhetoric and war hero labels, should cause one to investigate further.



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