Trendy Vocab

Okay, so I’m catching up on some e-mails.

And last Friday’s Trendcentral Newsletter supplied my life with some new vocab.




Read their article below to read about this new trend.



Whereas in the past freelancing has been more of a last resort financial necessity in between permanent employment gigs, an increasing number of Gen Ys are choosing to permanently freelance (perma-lance). This is a group that values and prioritizes freedom, flexibility, and the ability to experience new things. For many Gen Ys, traditional ideas of employment just don't register and they'd rather make ends meet on their own terms. The perma-lance mindset extends from urban dwelling members of the Creative Class (who rely on their creativity and resourcefulness to create custom jobs, turning their hobbies into "jobbies") to those living in suburban areas who give up stability in lieu of multiple temp positions—not for the love of the job, but to avoid getting tied down.

As such, we are seeing a growing number of co-working spaces emerge across the country, including The Hive in Denver, CubeSpace in Portland, The Hat Factory and Citizen Space in San Francisco, and the just-opened BLANKSPACES* in Los Angeles. These co-working environments allow free agents to seek out a sense of community, networking opportunities and a more professional environment than their local coffee shops. So, if you currently work from home, consider trading in working in your pajamas for live human interaction.


I think this is a cool new concept.

Any opinions?

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