Daniel Needed

Saturday night/Sunday morning I was somehow able to remember my dream.  Usually I have dreams, but rarely do I wake up actually having remembered the dream.

But when the alarm when of Sunday morning I had a clear recollection.  Maybe God wants to speak to me.  The problem is I have no clue what the dream means or if meant anything.

So if you think you have some Daniel-like or Joseph-like skills please offer up your interpretation.

If you don’t have such skills, give it a try anyways.  Who knows maybe our Bible heroes were just spit-firing and God was somehow in between the spit and the fire.


My Dream:

It didn’t feel like today, rather it felt about 8 years ago during my time at OCC, but I was the me of today.  There was a writing competition that everyone was abuzz about on the campus.  Reluctantly I entered an article that I wrote half heartedly.  I don’t know if the competition had certain parameters and I don’t know what I wrote.  I do know that it felt like the writing had a lackadaisical tone to it that matched my ambivalence to the project.  As it turns out the competition whittled down to my paper and a dear friend of mine.  I can’t recognize the friend, but it is definitely a she.  I feel like not only is she someone I have a real friendship with, but I was also very much attracted to her (which could a number of girls, but I have a couple of ideas who she is - - I’ll save those thoughts until after some of your interpretations).  In the end I narrowly win the competition. 

The prize is a trip to Paris, France or Thailand.   I’ve been to Paris on a couple of occasions so it only tempts my interests a little.  I decide on Thailand.  I have no clue why either trip is offered or what I would be doing at each.


There you go.  What does it mean?


bluedevildad said...

T-Rev, this is truly fascinating. I rarely remember dreams myself, so when I do, I pay special attention to them.

I think this one is clear. There are 2 obvious gleanings:
1. The 1/2 assed versio of yourself today is much better than the full on version of yourself 8 years ago.
2. The trip is irrelevant. It only means that if "she" had won rather than you, the prize would have been the girl. But since you won - she could only see it as having lost. She would never have ended up with you because of the male tendency to always have to be right. Thus, you got Thailand.

Chris Morton said...

I don't think this as confusing as you want to make it.

There's a contest, and there's a girl. There was at least one girl you wrote letters to. The girl in the dream may or may not be this girl, but in general, it represents "the one that got away." The contest being back at Ozark shows a deep internal desire to relive those days, in hopes that those relationships might come out differently.

There's a moral to this story. This time, when there is a possibility for a meaningful relationship, don't let it pass you by, leaving you at the mercy of your subconscious for years to come.