Review and Excerpts

So I’ve been reading this delightful and insightful book. Have you read it?
So far I give it a rousing review.

Here’s some gems I read today:

  • “I’m pouring over religious study books, desperately trying to get a handle on this topic [the Bible’s language laws] and every other. My reading list grows exponentially. Every time I read a book, it’ll mention three other books I feel I have to read. It’s like a particularly relentless series of pop-up ads. [I’ve been there, how about you?] pg. 29
  • [While traveling to an Amish community] “The trip takes four hours. Incidentally, I’m proud to say that I had absolutely no urge to make a double entendre when we passed Intercourse, Pennsylvania, which I see as a moral victory.” pg. 31
  • “The problem is, a lot of religion is about surrendering control and being open to radical change. I wish I could stow my secular worldview in a locker at the Port Authority Bus Terminal and retrieve it at the end of the year.” [Jacobs is confronted with the fact that living out the Bible for a year is going to bring about life changes in him that he may not have been prepared for. Certainly following Jesus has done that to me.]

I’ll keep you informed of any more brain busters.


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Shayla said...

This book sounds somewhat interesting but tough, that takes alot of work. Oh and side note I'm pretty sure it says Slient Bob on your people you frequent, unless I'm suddenly dyslexic..