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I listened to another great sermon today.  Matt Proctor, President of Ozark Christian College, preached a sermon I’ve heard before still good and worth a listen by you too (I think he was a last minute fill-in for someone else and this was the “go-to” sermon…not bad).


Click HERE for the sermon originally entitled The Power of Behold.  (Click HERE for the recording I first heard back in 1999…I kinda prefer it more...but the sound quality is not as good.)


Some gems from the sermon, which is on Rev. chapter 1, John’s vision of Jesus.:

-          “…they (the seven churches of Revelation) have taken the Lion of Judah and they have declawed Him.  They have made him a little household pet, makes a great mascot doesn’t have to be Master.”

-          “When I got married, I wanted to take my wife Katie somewhere exotic.  So I took her to Kansas City.”  (a joke)

-          “This Jesus here, he blazes with supernova brilliance.  He speaks in Niagara thunder. This Jesus can take our planet and he can play kickball with it.  He can flick his finger and send our solar system spinning off into space.  This is the Jesus who in Genesis chapter 1, John chapter 1, takes a handful of words and he just speaks ten thousand galaxies into existence.  This is huge and holy.  This Christ is clothed in splendor and majesty and glory and authority and you don’t walk into his presence casually. And that’s why a lady named Annie Dillard said, “…if you realized how powerful is this Christ into who’s presence you come, you’d take off your silly hats… and you would come to church with crash helmets on.”

-          “Jesus is not just a smiling buddy who will just wink at our sin and let us do whatever we want.  He is a towering furious figure who will not be managed.  He is Lord.  And He is among our churches.  And He knows our sin.  And He is big enough to do something about it.


Make sure you listen to it all.  I can’t imagine that the number of friends that I have who read this, that one of you doesn’t desperately need to hear this today. 


And because Matt’s my friend and I think he’s an amazing preacher I encourage you to check out some of his other sermons HERE.




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