Stick It In The Fridge

I’ve bought into the Vitamin Water craze.  Not necessarily because I think there is something special in the concoction that will enhance my intellect or health.  Mainly because I’m still keeping up with my Dr. Pepper fast and some days I just don’t want any tea. 

So now I’m occasionally spending too much money on what I can get for free in my faucet.  I know a lot of people fall for the “tap water is bad” theory, but I don’t.  I figure I’ve been drinking it all my life and I’m doing fine. 

But back to the Vitamin Water.  I was reading the label a few days back and found it quite humorous.  Check it out.

“for best results, stick it in the fridge.”


Not refrigerate….nope just “stick in the fridge.”


Just so you know…I stuck it in the fridge.



Alli Hibb said...

FYI, there are just as many calories in Vitamin Water as there are in a Dr. Pepper.

Courtney said...

HA...that is awesome. Stick it to the fridge!