Accumulation (Part 2)

I got a lot of responses of people begging me not relinquish my precious treasures.
Just so you know, some of that post was a little tongue in cheek...

However I do want to be the person who could easily walk away from what I hold as value. I love the story of Elisha as he chooses to follow Elijah, and how he slaughters his flock and leaves nothing behind.

I want to be that.

But be assured that the comics, and cards, and CDs (good and bad), and books are all safe and sound.

Oh one last thing...

In the ninth grade I refused to date a girl because she had longer arm hair than me. [Later I came to realize everyone has longer arm hair than me, I like the bald man of arm hair.] Seriously I wouldn't let a girl force me to get rid of "my precious-s-s-s".


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