I asked this question on Sunday.

What is the breakfast equivalent to chips and salsa?

You know when you go to a restaurant and they either have chips and salsa for you or you order some before the meal. But what do you do when it's still breakfast time.

Here are answers we came up with:
- french toast sticks and syrup
- some crepe-ish item with a jam (Deuce you'll have to fully describe it for everyone else again)
- biscuits

None of those fully replace the chip and salsa, but maybe you have a better idea. Please share...


bluedevildad said...

Speaking of salsa...when should I expect mine to arrive?

TS Harrison said...

I can't quite figure out the perfect recipe for canning the incredible goodness. My salsa must be eaten fresh.
But when you're out here for the Final Four I'll have a batch made.
Prepare for heaven.

Alli Hibb said...

I think you should just have some cinnamon chips for breakfast...maybe dip-able in syrup?