Good Times

Quite the event filled day.
I woke up this morning and remembered I had promised the Deuce that I would help him move some of his storage stuff from one storage place to another.
Before heading out we had lunch at the nearby Chili's.
FYI, the Deuce had himself a hankering for some cake at the Chili's. White Chocolate Molton Cake. But he was able to refrain from ordering it at the last second. I will have to say that the Deuce, left our cute (although I suspect cigarette smoking) waitress a good tip. Actually in all fairness to the Deuce he's a good tipper (Deuce if you reading this, well done).
After lunch with the help of Adam we transported the Deuce's things. I would like to mention that I have no problem helping anyone move, but please observe my one helping-someone-move rule. The rule states, "I have no problem helping you move your crap, I just refuse to pack it." That's just a little nugget of info for you to put away if you are thinking of moving and asking me to help.
Again I had no problem helping the Deuce, first because he bought lunch, but second because of the crap we were moving. The Deuce at some point in his west Texas life acquired what seems to be the entire remaining stock of the once great CD source called Awakening Records.
Maybe you've heard of this company that was originally based out of North Carolina. (In fact when I moved to NC, this was a selling point, thinking that all the Awakening Records artist would be frequent visitors.) Awakening Records helped independent bands distribute their materials. Bands including; Caedmon's Call, Bebo Norman, Waterdeep, Nickel and Dime, 100 Portraits, Andrew Peterson, V.O.L. and many many more.
Anyways as a thank you the Deuce said Adam and I could take whatever music we were interested in. I came home with (holy crap I just added them up) 42 new CDs. And I didn't even see the V.O.L. stock. (Deuce did I just miss those?)
Then tonight the Deuce, Chris Morton, Rachel D., Talia, Katie Kirby, my sisters Cayla and Lauren and I went to Sweeney Todd. Does saying that I really enjoyed the dumping of the bodies make me sick? Cause I laughed every time. The movie is definitely dark and twisted, but really enjoyable.
Katie Kirby showed up a little late and we had saved her a seat on the end of the row, thereby saving her from having to crawl over everyone's lap. However when she arrived she went up the wrong set of stairs and squeezed past the entire row of people to get to her seat. Of course this is hilarious, and I am thinking I may do it at the next movie I see just for fun.
Finally after the movie a few of us went to get something to eat at the Canyon Cafe just around the corner. There we had one of the oddest and most inappropriate waitress experiences ever. As our waitress was introducing herself she felt the need to let us know that she claps when having sex with her boyfriend. We didn't know how to respond to this but were able to put it aside while the Deuce told us about a recent phone call of his (I told him to post the story on his blog and if he does I'll be sure to link everyone to it...funny stuff). At the end of our meal as the waitress was gathering a few plates and recommending the desserts she made another odd statement. She said, and I'm not lying one bit, "Do you know what kind of cake I really enjoy? Penis cake? Would anyone like cake tonight?" Seriously how do you respond to this? Now Chris and I heard what she said, but apparently the Deuce did not, because he responded with enthusiasm over the possibility of cake. I politely told the waitress that I was adamantly opposed to cake and left the table to get myself a toothpick.
When I returned and the story of the waitress' remarks were retold I reminded everyone of how much the Deuce had been wanting cake today at Chili's. The Deuce, by means of sign language, told me I was #1.

Good Times!


The Deuce said...

Those were good times had by all. hey and don't forget to tell the peeps " I will have vengance, i will have salvation....". you know what im talking about. Funny day!!!

racheld said...

Well told friend!!!