Journaling: August 16th - 23rd

Wednesday August 16th – Tuesday August 23rd 2006

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version. follow the breakdown from the message version)
Day 1: James 4:13-17
Day 2: James 5:1-3
Day 3: James 5:4-6
Day 4: James 5:7-9
Day 5: James 5:10-11
Day 6: James 5:12

Journaling Assignments:
Day 1 Reread James 4:17, memorize this verse, spend the day meditating on this verse. Journal thoughts.
Day 2 Do some quick research on the internet and find out some info on our world’s poverty. Journal your notes as well as your comparative thoughts on today’s scriptures with your research.
Day 3 Read today’s scripture in light of yesterday’s scripture. Is James speaking to you? How can you help the poor? Research an organization that helps the poor and consider how you can get involved.
Day 4 Are you anticipating the return of Jesus? Go outside and lay down staring at the clouds. As you are laying down Meditate and Pray. Maranatha means “Come Lord Jesus”, uses this word as you meditate and pray.
Day 5 James encourages his readers to consider the prophets as examples of patience in sufferings. Create a list of Biblical examples as well as current examples for you to remember during times of suffering or struggle.
Day 6 Use your creativity and find an avenue to express Christ’s return. Music, video, write a narrative, draw, paint, sculpt, serve, tell, etc.

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