Journaling: August 23rd - 30th

Wednesday August 23rd – Tuesday August 30th 2006

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version. follow the breakdown from the message version)
Day 1: James 5.13-15
Day 2: James 5.16-18
Day 3: James 5.19-20
Day 4: Ephesians 6.18
Day 5: Philippians 4.6
Day 6: Revelations 8.3-4

Journaling Assignments:
Day 1 Journal your thoughts on some of the TV preachers who perform healing services. Do you believe in physical healings?
Day 2 Call someone you trust and confession your sins. Ask them to pray for you. Journal your thoughts.
Day 3 Today scripture reading comes after talk on prayer. Journal a list of friends who do not know Christ. Prayer over your list. Write down an idea of how you are going to show each person individually God’s love. (The do it)
Day 4 Listen to a worship album or sing some worship songs. As you sing pay attention to the lyrics. Use the song as an avenue for prayer. You can visit http://www.davidcrowderband.com/ or http://www.christomlin.com/ or www.268generation.com for worship music.
Day 5 Offer a massage to someone. As you massage their shoulders, or back, or hands, pray that God is able to relieve them from the burdens they carry. Journal thoughts and questions.
Day 6 Light a candle or some kind of incense (something legal). As the smoke rises use this as form of prayer and mediation. As you breathe in the smell of the incense imagine God giving His attention to you and your prayer. As you breathe out watch the smoke rise and offer your requests, concerns and joys through prayer. Journal thoughts and questions.

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