Journaling: August 9th - 16

Wednesday August 9th – Tuesday August 16th 2006

Scriptures to Read:
(read in each version. follow the breakdown from the message version)
Day 1: James 3:13-16
Day 2: James 3:17-18
Day 3: James 4:1-3
Day 4: James 4:4-6
Day 5: James 4:7-10
Day 6: James 4:11-12

Thoughts to Journal:
Thursday August 10th 2 Questions to Journal: Who is wise among you? What do you think of Trevor’s constant “Make wise choices” statement?
Friday August 11th Skip lunch today and read and pray for your teachers, classmates, and your coming school year.
Saturday August 12th Write a friend an encouraging note. Buy a stamp and mail it to them.
Sunday August 13th Go to Church, journal your notes of the pastor’s sermon.
Monday August 14th Journal your thoughts and feelings from your first day back to school.
Tuesday August 15th Journal a description of how you feel after you sin without mentioning the specific sin.
Wednesday August 16th Rest

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